Investment Advisory

Maximus Capital S.A. provides professional investment management services within the authority granted by the client. We offer our clients competent financial guidance and focus on preserving their principal investments while growing the investment portfolio and delivering absolute return performance irrespective of market conditions.
Maximus Capital S.A. investment strategies target results that considerably and consistently exceed European analogues. With an individual approach to every client’s needs and extensive experience in the international finance, our team is able to select the most promising investment opportunities on the market.
In addition to the proprietary strategies, Maximus Capital S.A. strives to offer the very best financial solutions combined with the individual approach to every client. Our investment management professionals work with you to create a financial plan with investment products that fit your goals.
The partners of Maximus Capital S.A. are the most trusted and stable banks and investment companies in the world. Their reputation further ensures the safety of clients’ assets while minimizing investment risks. To achieve additional security for the invested funds, assets are held with our partner banks located in Switzerland, Singapore and Monaco.
In the spirit of transparency, no hidden fees or charges are applied. The goal is to make money only when clients make money, thus maximizing the value of each and every portfolio.