Our Values

Our commitment to building long-term relationships with clients is founded on the four cornerstones of our business philosophy:

Our senior management has served with the largest and most respected banks and financial groups in the world. They have a deep understanding of international financial markets and the ability to navigate these markets successfully in any business environment.


We offer independent and objective investment solutions. Since our financial incentives are fully aligned with those of our clients, our actions are always driven by our work philosophy: “Exceed our clients’ expectations. Day after day, year after year”.


Maximus Capital S.A. is licensed in line with the Swiss regulations (reg. CH-660-2830009-9). We work in full compliance with the Swiss legislative guidelines, ensuring that we always provide our clients with the highest standards of operational and regulatory efficiency.


We speak your language and our advice is clear and easy to understand. All operations are transparent for clients the reporting practices are consistent and clear.