Capital Introductions

Команда Maximus Capital S.A. начала исследовать бизнес-направление Capital Introductions более 15 лет назад с целью максимально выгодно применить наш солидный опыт работы с клиентами и создать эффективное сотрудничество между клиентами и целевыми инвесторами. В результате упорного труда, за эти годы нашим специалистам удалось найти для себя уникальную сферу деятельности на мировом рынке привлечения капитала с ориентиром на Россию и страны СНГ.

I was very impressed with the level and quality of relationships Maximus Capital has with CIS banks. Most of introductions were board member level or heads of treasury. We found this very helpful and are very happy with our relationship with Maximus Capital and their excellent team. Alex Kaja, Account Executive, FX Services, SWISSQUOTE BANK S.A.

Maximus Capital has one of the best capital introductions team that I have worked with. They were fully dedicated to providing comprehensive service and workable solutions to my firm. I believe that their extensive and ever-evolving relationship network is truly impressive and puts them in a good position to implement the strategies of their clients. Gleb Shestakov, Chief Executive Officer/ Portfolio Manager, GFM COSSACK BOND COMPANY

Maximus Capital occupies a unique niche which they crafted themselves, on the basis of what their clients want. They also have a unique network of and relations with various major financial institutions all across the former Soviet Union countries, which is imperative for offering to their clients products and services, as well as the information and the deal flow, which are just impossible to have an access to, without such network and contacts. Slava Rabinovich, CEO and CIO, DIAMOND AGE CAPITAL ADVISORS LTD

I enjoyed working with Maximus Capital. Their team really stands out in terms of professionalism and commitment while their knowledge of Russian and the CIS markets is second to none. Vicente Zaragoza, Chairman and CIO, PENTIVM ASSET MANAGEMENT

Thank you for a splendid conference weekend, your hospitality and friendliness were second to none and it is clear to me that Maximus Capital is extremely well connected amongst the banking and financial community in the CIS. Raj Sitlani, Global Head of Business Development, SUCDEN FINANCIAL

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